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The serene state of Goa attracts thousands of travelers from all across the globe every year. At Saahas Zero Waste, we believe that keeping Goa green and clean is of great importance for visitors and the people who call Goa their home. Our waste management work in Goa began with the Panchayat in Calangute to support source segregation and collection of waste. We work towards preserving the environment and maintaining the cleanliness of this tourist destination through sustainable and responsible waste disposal management.

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Corporates / Tech parks

We work closely with corporate organizations and tech parks for waste management in Goa and provide them with end-to-end office waste management systems and services. Our focus lies on using processes that can help corporates achieve their sustainability goals with ease. We are committed to working with different stakeholders by spreading awareness about waste segregation, plastic waste management, e-waste management, and minimizing carbon footprint.


Our professional waste management solutions in Goa involve close coordination with resident welfare associations and the housekeeping and maintenance staff. We follow a holistic waste management process and regularly report on our progress towards sustainability through reports prepared in accordance with government guidelines. These reports provide the latest information on focus areas such as resource management, workforce engagement, and environmental performance.

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SZW is one of the leading waste management companies in Goa that divert waste generated by educational institutions from ending up in landfills. At SZW, we are committed to helping schools and colleges resolve their sustainability challenges through unique ideas and forward-thinking solutions to segregate waste and generate usability through recycling. We also conduct interactive sessions with students to educate them about the importance of waste management at school and at home.




SZW helps industries reduce their impact on the environment. We work as per the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules, 2016, and promote sustainable waste management in Goa by partnering only with vendors and recyclers who are authorized and certified. This ensures that waste management at construction sites is done in accordance with the regulations.

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Our processes include waste collection, segregation, and recycling through sustainable methods. We organize waste collection from generators and through proper segregation, pass them to the collectors who identify the reusable or recyclable items and transform them into recycled products. In all that we do, at SZW we strive to ensure that our facilities and services are managed in an environmentally friendly and responsible way that is good for our planet.

SZW’s waste management operations in Goa aims to keep the coastlines, streets, residences, and institutions plastic-free. Our rapid and effective adoption of waste segregation of plastic and metal bottle caps, plastic lids, plates, cups, cigarette buds, etc., has helped to keep the beaches and streets of Goa postcard perfect. Our services in Goa cater to the needs of corporations, residences, and educational institutions and we also conduct training and awareness programs to address plastic waste management at the grass-root level. If you are interested to know more about how we can help with waste management in Goa, contact us at [email protected]



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