E Waste Management and Recycling Service

 E Waste Management and Recycling Service

Electronic waste management is a phrase that carries a lot of weight in the present-day context. Technology has made our lives easier, however tech products have a limited lifespan – either because we consumers like our new shiny toys or because of planned obsolescence by the manufacturers. Once their utility is served, these products are often dumped along with other waste streams or sold to the informal processors of e-waste.

The informal sector utilizes crude extraction and recycling methods, which release harmful toxins in the open environment leading to deterioration of nature and human health. Consumers must ensure that their e-waste disposal is done in a responsible and scientific manner through authorised channels.

Saahas Zero Waste is one of the few e-waste management companies in Bangalore that is working towards scientific and sustainable disposal of electronic waste.

Under the E-Waste Management Rules, 2016, Saahas Zero Waste is authorised as a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) to assist producers and manufacturers in fulfilling their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). We do this by establishing a true reverse-logistics chain for e-waste from the end-consumer to formal e-waste recyclers.

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Koramangala Industrial Layout, Koramangala, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560034
Managed by : Saahas Waste Management Private Limited
Contact person name : Mr. Raju
Contact number : 7022000420
Email: [email protected]



#21, Ground Floor, MCHS Colony, 5th C Cross, 16th Main Rd,
Stage 2, BTM Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076
Managed by : Saahas Waste Management Private Limited
Contact person name : Mr. Raju
Contact number : 7022000420
Email: [email protected]

What is E-Waste

Here are a few examples of electronic waste that needs immediate e waste management solutions:

  • IT e-waste – Personal computers (including keyboards, monitors, mouse, cables), Printers,Scanners, mobile phones (smart and feature phones), and laptops.
  • Consumer e-waste – Refrigerators, washing machines, TV sets, air conditioners, and tube lights.

How important is e-waste management?

According to GSMAdata, nearly 66.5% of the world’s population uses phones. That’s over 5 billion people with mobile devices. On an average, an individual upgrades his phone every 3- 4 years. And this is just a subset of one type of e-waste.

Do you know where your old electronic devices were dumped? Or what happened to them? Haphazard dumping of e-waste results in contamination of the environment.

Dismantling and processing of e-waste in the informal sector releases harmful toxins. Workers in this sector – which includes children – are at a high-risk of contracting diseases because of sustained exposure to these toxins. The E-Waste Management Rules, 2016 were introduced to fill these gaps in the system; to formalise electronic waste management and to legitimise formal e-waste recyclers.

Waste management recycling involves recovering recyclable items and components to bring them back into the economy.

A few examples of good e-waste management are:

  • Plastic retrieved from electronic waste is recycled to make insulators, trays, and fencing posts
  • Recovered metal is segregated, melted and recycled into new products
  • Extracted mercury from e-waste is sent to specialized facilities for recovery
  • Other non-recyclable or non-recoverable substances are sent to authorised Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDF).

Saahas Zero Waste is one of the few e-waste management companies in Bangalore that is working towards scientific and sustainable management of electronic waste. E-waste ‘disposed’ in an unscientific manner can lead to several issues. The informal sector utilizes crude extraction and recycling methods, which release harmful toxins in the environment. This is hazardous to the environment, and to the workers themselves. Consumers must ensure that their e-waste is managed in a responsible and scientific manner through authorised channels.

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E-Waste refers to discarded electronic waste generated from mobile phones, laptops, televisions, DVDs, radios, hard disks, batteries, circuit boards and all types of electronic equipment. It poses severe health hazards and has a great impact on the environment if allowed to be dumped in landfills.

E-waste can be controlled with a little awareness. Instead of dumping your old electronic equipment, think about selling or donating them. Regular maintenance of electronic equipment like computers and mobile phones increases its longevity. Before discarding any electronics item, re-evaluate its usage and think about reusing.

When disposed of in improper ways, batteries, plastics and other harmful materials in e-waste can seep into soil and water. It is a major cause of air, water and soil pollution and poses a severe threat to humans and animals.

E-waste is a harmful cocktail of toxins. If allowed to dump in landfills, it slowly releases highly dangerous components like lead, mercury, cadmium, barium, lithium, etc. into the environment. When exposed to these substances, people may suffer from brain, heart, liver or kidney diseases. It also affects the nervous and reproductive systems.

Recycling is the best solution for controlling the e-waste problem. Saahas Zero Waste provides scientific and sustainable electronic waste disposal solutions. We recyclable electronic items and manufacture products that can be again introduced into the economy. Recovered metal, for instance, is melted and used to produce other useful products.

E-waste recycling is extremely beneficial for the environment. It reduces pollution and prevents the release of toxins into air, water and soil. The pressure on landfills will also significantly reduce if the e-waste is recycled. Moreover, recycled products utilize less resources and energy during the manufacturing process.

All types of discarded electronics items are considered e-waste. It comprises of things like personal computers, laptops, keyboards, monitors, mouse, circuit boards, cables, hard disk, printers, scanners, mobile phones and more. A lot of consumer durables waste like refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, batteries and tube lights are also considered as e-waste.

Please write to us at [email protected] with ‘e-waste’ in the subject line to ensure safe management of e-waste.

According to Global E-Waste Monitor 2017, around 2 million tonnes of e-waste is generated in India every year. India is one of the prime producers of e-waste in the world. Saahas Zero Waste is a certified e-waste management company and we establish a true reverse-logistics chain for e-waste, from consumers to recyclers.

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