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We formulate effective waste management plans to solve the massive waste problem in our cities. To ensure proper office waste management, we create awareness programs and encourage employee engagement to make these efforts  successful. In residential communities, we coordinate with  volunteers, welfare associations, housekeeping and maintenance staff. Similarly, students in various institutions are encouraged to  segregate waste and reduce the pressure on landfills.

Waste Management in Bangalore
Multiple Waste Streams Authorised End Destinations Transparent Operations Customised Solutions Legal Compliance
Organic waste PCB authorised bio- methanation plant Data tracking- MIS, IoT weighing scales, GPS tracked vehicles Decentralised solutions Compliance with all Environmental Laws
Dry Waste PCB authorised recyclers, formal players Completely digitised financial transactions Direct to destination model Compliance with all Labour Laws
Sanitary waste Authorised end destination Signed contracts with all partners Hub and spoke model Inclusive Vendor Development
E-Waste PCB authorised recycler All staff on payroll Hybrid Training and Support to Vendor Ecosystem
Construction & demolition waste Authorised end destination Biometric attendance tracking of staff One-off Bulk Waste Pickup (>100kg) Regular Compliance Audits for Vendors

Our Strengths

Our Strength6

20+ Years of expertise in waste management

Our Strength5

Authorized end destinations for all waste streams

Our Strength4

Data and technology driven processes ensuring transparency

Waste Management Solutions Bangalore

Corporates / Tech parks


Corporate organizations and tech parks comprise a major portion of our clientele. SZW provides a complete end-to-end essential office waste management system for all kinds of waste. We are driven by systems and processes with a laser focus on accurate data collection and reporting. SZW takes pride in having high compliance with labour laws, operational health and safety requirements compliance with various statutory requirements.


To ensure effective office waste management in Bangalore, we work with various departments of our client's teams to help their organizations achieve their sustainability goals. Awareness programs and employee engagement lie in the heart of our efforts.



Saahas Zero Waste is a pioneer in providing professional decentralized Waste Management solutions in India. Over the past decade, Saahas Zero Waste has developed a good understanding of the dynamics of how residential outfits can be steered towards establishing good residential waste management solutions. It involves close coordination with all stakeholders including Resident Welfare Associations, property managers, resident volunteers, housekeeping teams, and maintenance staff.

Waste Management in Bangalore
Waste Management Companies in Bangalore



SZW is one of the top waste management companies in Bangalore that offers holistic waste management services to schools and colleges to ensure the effective diversion of waste generated at these institutions from landfills. Through periodic interactive sessions with students, our team also educates young minds about the best practices of zero waste management - segregation at source, composting and recycling, for instance. This goes a long way in imbibing the values of sustainability and awakening environmental consciousness into the future leaders of our nation.

Additional services

Awareness Training


Awareness about the importance of sustainable waste disposal management and its best practices are the key to ensuring its effective adoption. Our training and awareness sessions incorporate the basics of waste segregation, waste types, and how one could minimize their carbon footprint.


We customize our training, awareness and engagement sessions for all sorts of audiences, ranging from school students to senior management in large corporate agencies. Our sessions are generally delivered as a part of our SOP, prior to commencing operations at our client premises, to the housekeeping staff and waste generators. However, we also take up specially designed engagement sessions and activities on an ad hoc basis as well.

Waste Disposal Management Bangalore
Waste Management in Bangalore

Construction & Demolition Waste


The rapid increase in population and urbanisation has led to a boom in the construction industry over the past decade. According to studies by the Centre of Science and Environment (CSE), India was estimated to be generating 50 million tons of construction and demolition waste in 2013. By 2020, it is assumed that the number will go up to 287 million tons per annum.


Saahas Zero Waste has taken a proactive step towards adopting the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules, 2016 as part of the holistic waste management solutions offered. Partnering with authorised vendors and certified recyclers for handling different streams of waste generated at a construction project, SZW keeps in-line with its zero waste philosophy by extending its services to clients looking for solutions for a sustainable construction project while complying with all the regulations.

Assured End Destinations



Saahas Zero Waste operates one of the biggest Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) in Karnataka. MRF represents the future of dry waste management in India. It is a mechanised processing factory for dry waste that focuses on complete resource recovery. The objective is to move us closer to a circular economy and achieve the global goals around sustainable development.


Each category is first segregated into 20 categories, compacted for easy storage and dispatched to authorised end destinations. The waste that is sent to recyclers are transformed into products such as stationery, chip boards, and t-shirts.

Waste Management Companies in Bangalore
Waste Management Solutions Bangalore




In our decentralised model for wet waste disposal management, processing units are set up onsite to convert the wet waste from the premises to compost We also use centralised and decentralised biogas plants operated by our partners for the biomethylation process of wet waste. The end-product – which is biogas – can be used safely used in your premises for cooking, heating or to generate electricity. Our collection vehicles also run on biogas.


Similar to dry waste, the trail of waste managed by us are completely traceable to ensure it reaches the authorised end destinations.

Waste Management in Bangalore

Our Services


Waste Management in India

Waste Management Services

Responsible & sustainable waste management solutions for bulk waste generators like corporate parks, universities, residential complexes & more.

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Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility

Providing transparent & legally compliant reverse logistic services to producers for collection of post-consumer plastic & e-waste.

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Sustainable Waste Management in India

Recycled Products

Closing the loop by upcycling & recycling the waste collected into beautiful recycled products.

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Waste Management Companies in India


Consulting and auditing solutions in compliance with the law related to circular economy, resource recovery, reverse logistics, waste handling & SDGs.

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Waste Management Services in India

Zero Waste Events

Enabling companies & event managers across India to conduct zero waste exhibitions, events, and concerts.

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An urban centre like Bangalore is the hub of businesses, tech parks, MNCs and residential communities. An enormous amount of waste is generated from these sources and proper waste management services are required for its safe collection, disposal and recycling. To reduce the pressure on landfills, we undertake different waste management procedures in Bangalore.

We formulate effective waste management plans to solve the massive waste problem in Bangalore. To ensure proper office waste management, we create awareness programs and encourage employee engagement to make these efforts successful. In residential communities, we coordinate with volunteers, welfare associations, housekeeping and maintenance staff. Similarly, students in various institutions are encouraged to segregate waste and reduce the pressure on landfills.

Saahas Zero Waste works with residential communities to initiate effective waste management solutions. We coordinate with various stakeholders like property managers, volunteers, Resident Welfare associations, housekeeping teams and maintenance staff to initiate waste management in an apartment complex. We also create awareness about the importance of proper waste disposal and segregation.

Rapid urbanisation has led to a boom in construction. Research suggests construction and demolition waste in India is estimated to go up to 287 million tons per annum in 2020. Saahas Zero Waste has adopted the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules to create a holistic plan for managing construction waste. We partner with vendors and recyclers to deliver sustainable waste management solutions.

Construction and demolition waste often ends up in landfills. To curb this menace, Saahas Zero Waste partners with authorised vendors and recyclers to handle different types of waste generated in construction sites. We also look forward to helping construction companies looking for sustainable solutions for waste collection, disposal, segregation and recycling.

A strategic and proactive approach to construction waste disposal helps to reduce the pressure on our environment. Builders and contractors are therefore encouraged to segregate waste through deconstruction. While useful materials can be reused in other projects, a lot of material can be sent for recycling. Saahas Zero Waste offers effective solutions for construction waste disposal.

Construction activities lead to the generation of huge amounts of solid waste including sand, gravel, concrete, bricks, glass, plastic, etc. About 25% of the solid waste generated in India is from the construction industry. To dispose of the waste, get in touch with waste management companies like Saahas Zero Waste. We will collect, segregate and recycle the waste in the most sustainable manner.

The city of Bangalore is rapidly growing and one of the major causes of air, soil and water pollution is municipal solid waste. Owing to financial constraints proper waste disposal mechanisms are not in place. Waste is often dumped openly. At present, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) collects and disposes waste from different areas.

Around 5757 tonnes of garbage is generated in Bangalore every day. Due to the huge growth of the city, it has led to waste generation from residential areas, industries, institutions, tech parks and various businesses. The construction industry is also a major contributor to this garbage dump. At present, the BBMP and private waste management services like Saahas Zero Waste manages Bangalore’s waste problem.

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