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With 20 years of practical experience in holistic waste management, Saahas Zero Waste has built up considerable expertise in understanding different types of waste and the best ways to manage it as per applicable regulations.

This places us in the sector as a leading waste management consultant to provide advisory, consultancy, research and auditing services related to circular economy, resource recovery, reverse logistics, waste handling and sustainable development goals (specifically relating to waste) to governments, international agencies and companies.

Waste Management Consultant


We provide comprehensive guidance regarding extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations under Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 and E-Waste Management Rules 2016 including preparation of EPR plans and obtaining relevant authorisations from pollution control boards.

We also conduct waste management audits for companies to understand their waste generation pattern and related environmental impact. In this context, we also design state of the art waste management units for onsite handling and processing of solid waste generated.

International Agencies

As one of the foremost waste management consultants in India, Saahas Zero Waste works with a number of international organisations on providing insights about the waste management sector in India. We have participated in various research studies on waste generation, waste value chain and solutions to manage different waste streams. We also facilitate the exchange of waste management solutions and analysis of best practices across similar ecosystems.

Waste Management Audit
Waste Management Audit


SZW provides advisory services to different state and local governmental bodies in preparation of waste management policies, bye-laws and strategies on holistic and decentralised management of municipal solid waste.

With various governments placing bans on single-use plastics and putting forth strict guidelines on managing other plastics, municipal solid waste and e-waste, more and more organisations are looking for ways to responsibly manage the waste they produce.

Here at SZW, we can help small and large companies, governments and international agencies understand the Indian waste sector including the regulatory framework and design waste management solutions that are based on the principles of reduce, reuse, recover and recycle.

Get in touch with us to know more about extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations, sustainable decentralised waste management systems, waste management audits and other consultancy services that we provide.

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Waste Management Consulting and Audit

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Waste Management in India

Waste Management Services

Responsible & sustainable waste management solutions for bulk waste generators like corporate parks, universities, residential complexes & more.

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Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility

Providing transparent & legally compliant reverse logistic services to producers for collection of post-consumer plastic & e-waste.

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Sustainable Waste Management in India

Recycled Products

Closing the loop by upcycling & recycling the waste collected into beautiful recycled products.

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Waste Management Companies in India


Consulting and auditing solutions in compliance with the law related to circular economy, resource recovery, reverse logistics, waste handling & SDGs.

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Waste Management Services in India

Zero Waste Events

Enabling companies & event managers across India to conduct zero waste exhibitions, events, and concerts.

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A waste audit is analyzing the waste composition and is used to determine the amount and types of waste produced by a company. By analyzing the waste audit, one can measure how much waste is recycled vs. dumped. This helps you to assess the effectiveness and determine ways to improve the efficiency of your current waste management systems.

  • Gather a team and set a date
  • Determine your waste categories
  • Gather your tools
  • Sort your trash
  • Analyze your results

With the help of a waste audit, the businesses can focus their efforts as they work toward a greener corporate culture. You may even find new ways to reduce waste while saving money.

At Sahaas Zero Waste, a waste management consultant helps you streamline your waste disposal process, reduce waste management costs and minimize operational costs. Our main objective is to help companies of all sizes manage their waste and recycling. We provide tailor made waste management solutions.

The role of a waste management consultant is to streamline waste management in your organization.

  1. Create tailored waste management strategies
  2. Reduce costs
  3. Plan waste recycling
  4. Carry out a comprehensive waste management audit

If you are looking for the most trusted waste management company, look no further than Sahaas Zero Waste.

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