All Life on Earth is Precious


Earth Day 2019: All Life on Earth is Precious

Protect the Species is the theme for Earth Day which we celebrate on Monday, April 22.

I personally connect with the quote from Rachel Carson which has been put up on the Earth Day website. It says “in nature, nothing exists alone”

Rachel Carson is the author of the insightful book Silent Spring. Written in the early sixties the book brought attention to reckless use of pesticides which were contaminating the natural environment and slowly poisoning living things. The book showed how these pesticides indiscriminately killed insects and other soil microorganisms and in the process also killed birds that depended on these insects for their own living. Her book influenced a movement which resulted in the ban of DDT in the United States and inspired the setting up of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

“In Nature Nothing exists Alone”. This statement rings in my head today as I reflect on our own organisations that have been working on issues related to waste for the last 18 years. How much change have we been able to bring in? How close are we to achieving zero waste living?

Like nature, organisations too cannot work alone. We need the ecosystem which comprises policies, producers, generators, solution providers, recyclers and consumers. A system can only become a circle if all of us work together.

I am a child of the sixties. I am concerned that in one generation, spanning fifty odd years, we have done so much damage to our planet. Repair and restore is fully possible but can we also do this in my generation?

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