Waste Audit, Waste Consultancy

Waste Audit

Provide short assessment on waste streams generated at your location and recommend infrastructure and operational requirements.


Provide professional advisory and consultancy services on circular economy, resource recovery, and waste handling. Past projects include:

  • Comprehensive study and recommendations for new construction or plans
  • Design of infrastructure for waste management units
  • Design of waste flow processes
  • Managing unique waste streams including expired foods, construction and demolition, hazardous waste etc.
  • How to minimise waste
  • Pathway to becoming a zero waste organization

Awareness Training

Deliver training and awareness sessions on successfully managing waste and minimizing impact on the envrionment to a wide range of audience beginning from builders, to senior management to school children.

Onsite Waste Management

Operating decentralized, onsite, end-to-end model waste management units. Converting wet waste is compost or biogas, and dry waste is prepared for recyclingright on your campus. All in control, with a system that is sustainable and easy to manage.

Features of our Smart waste program

  • Introduction of waste segregation
  • Communication, awareness and training
  • Collection and processing of waste
  • Retrieval for all waste including low waste material

Exchange Program

Enabling a circular economy by exchanging large quantities of waste like shredded paper, newspaper and carton boxeswith recycled stationery products.

Kasa Rasa Model

Offsite model of waste management where waste is collected from a location, transported to the nearest hub, and wet waste is converted to compost or biogas, and dry waste is prepared for recycling. This model is targeted for a ward level solution (e.g. within 5km radius of hub) or for retail locations, small offices and small apartments.

Paper Shredding

Corporates and organisations with bulk quantity of confidential papers often seek reliable services to recycle the paper while protecting their information. Saahas Zero Waste offers professional bulk shredding service. We ensure that no paper waste is reused in informal scenarios. The shredded paper is recycled through a network of certified recyclers ensuring Carbon footprint savings and resource recovery. Our team of trained field staff and supervisors guarantee a reliable, professional and holistic service with data tracking of efficiency and capacity of the shredding job. Contact us for more details.

Construction and Demolition Waste (C&D)

The rapid increase in population and urbanisation has led to a boom in the Construction industry in the past decade. According to studies by the Centre of Science and Environment (CSE), India was estimated to be generating 50 Million Tons of Construction & Demolition Waste in 2013. By 2020, it is assumed that the number will go upto 287 Million Tons per Annum.

Saahas Zero Waste has taken a proactive step towards adopting these rules and including C&D waste as part of the holistic waste management services offered. Partnered with authorised vendors and certified recyclers for handling different streams of waste generated at a construction project, SZW keeps in-line with its zero waste philosophy by extending it's services to clients looking for solutions for a sustainable construction project while complying with all the regulations.

Making Room for our WasteZero Waste Management Programme
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