Waste Management Solutions for Residences

Saahas Zero Waste (SZW) is a pioneer in providing professional decentralized Waste Management Services in India. Over the past decade, Saahas Zero Waste has developed a good understanding in the dynamics of how residential outfits can be steered towards establishing good waste management solutions. This involves close co-ordination with all stakeholders including Resident Welfare Associations, property managers, resident volunteers, house-keeping teams, and maintenance staff. Below are some highlights of our onsite program specially designed for residences:

  • Design & installation of necessary infrastructure for waste management units
  • Ensuring good levels of waste segregation at source
  • Training for housekeeping and engaging resident volunteers
  • Sensitization program for all residents.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of systems
  • Good logistics and onsite housekeeping of units
  • Monthly reporting and constant monitoring of waste metrics

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Waste Management Solutions for Offices

SZW provides complete end to end essential waste management service for all kinds of waste. We are driven by systems and process with a laser focus on accurate data collection and reporting. SZW prides itself in high compliance to labour laws, operational health & safety requirements compliance to various statutory requirements.

Our onsite waste management is the best solution for offices and IT parks where there is plenty of scope of achieving a Zero Waste status. We work with various team to help companies achieve their sustainability goals. Awareness programs and employee engagement lies in the heart of our efforts.


Waste Management Solutions for Communities

SZW has packaged a specific model for those communities with space constraints for an onsite waste management program. We offer regular and dependable collection service for both dry and wet waste. The waste collected is delivered to our community centers called Kasa Rasa. The wet waste gets converted to organic compost and the dry waste is sorted into minimum 10 waste streams before being sent to recycling.

Waste Management Solutions for Institutions

The biggest challenge for Waste Management in India is to bring about a change in the mindset of the common man to contribute towards responsible waste management practices. At SZW, we have observed that spreading awareness at schools and colleges is the key towards building a Zero Waste community. We focus on concepts like segregation at source, reduction of waste, using ecofriendly recycled products, etc with evidences on how it is our responsibility to manage the waste that we generate. Both our onsite and collection model can be used at institutions based on their requirements.

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CASE STUDY - click to download

Find out the challenges, the value add and the environmental imapact at some of waste management at our client locations.
Click to download case studies for residences, offices, communities and institutions.

Our Exchange program

We collect paper and cardboard waste from institutions and in return, give back books/stationery items made from recycled paper. Click here to know more

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