Waste to Resource

When waste is managed at source it becomes a resource. At Saahas Zero Waste, we work with all generators of waste to implement best practices in waste management as stipulated by the Municipal Solid Waste Management and Handling Rules outlined by the Supreme Court of India. We are committed to providing Holistic and Scientific Solutions to managing waste at source thereby creating Zero Waste Communities.
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PolyAl roofing sheets made from recycled Post Consumer Tetra Pak Cartons (With Aluminium layer on one side)

Chipboard made from recycled post-consumer Tetra Pak Cartons - a good alternative to conventional plywood

Gifting products made from recycled chipboard

eWaste bin made from chipboard

Stationery items like customised books, pens, A4 reams for printers, visiting cards, etc

C-Folds and Tissue rolls made from recycled post-consumer Tetra Pak cartons

Backpacks, laptop bags and T-Shirts recycled from PET bottles

Organic compost & vermicompost prepared from kitchen waste