Waste to Resource

When waste is managed at source it becomes a resource. Using these resources, SZW tries to create a circular economy by creating products made with recycled post consumer waste.
If you are interested to know more or want to buy these products, please write to us - info@saahaszerowaste.com

PolyAl roofing sheets made from recycled Post Consumer Tetra Pak Cartons (With Aluminium layer on one side)

Chipboard made from recycled post-consumer Tetra Pak Cartons - a good alternative to conventional plywood

Gifting products made from recycled chipboard

eWaste bin made from chipboard

Stationery items like customised books, pens, A4 reams for printers, visiting cards, etc

C-Folds and Tissue rolls made from recycled post-consumer Tetra Pak cartons

Backpacks, laptop bags and T-Shirts recycled from PET bottles

Organic compost & vermicompost prepared from kitchen waste