Humans create waste and most of us consider garbage to be a problem. In our current convenient and capitalistic society, each individual creates an average of 11 Tons of waste over an average lifespan. 90% of the waste that we create can be transformed into resources, but we need reliable, simple and eco-friendly systems to do so.

At Saahas Zero Waste, we leverage Nature, People and Technology to holistically manage waste.

In our decentralized waste management model, we operate waste management units in large tech-parks, residential complexes, and institutions. Our focus is to help our clients become zero waste entities.

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What we do
Our business models a circular economy.

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Through the Zero Waste Programme we operate on site solutions for bulk waste generators including tech parks and residential complexes. For smaller generators, we offer holistic waste management which includes collection and process at our unit, Kasa Rasa.

In the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program, we partner with packaging companies and E-Waste producers to develop and implement a reverse logistics mechanism that facilitates in bringing back bulk volumes of waste into the recycling chain.

As a part of the ‘closing the loop’ initiative, SZW offer products made from waste including compost and a range of other recycled products.

Our Impact
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